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Kitties Tickled And Fucked InterogationFeaturing: Asia Monroe, KittieAdded 02/20/2017
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Asia just wants to know what Kittie did with her winning lotto ticket. Since Kittie refuses to come clean and admit wrongdoing, Asia decides to drill the truth out of her...pussy. As the fucking machine reams Kittie's snatch she moans but still won't admit to her pilfering. Now Asia has to take it up a notch - with the vibrator! Between the pounding and vibrating sensations Kittie has had enough and gives up the ticket to Asia. It didn't have to be that way...

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Montana Starr Teases Destiny DreamzFeaturing: Destiny Dreamz, Montana StarrAdded 02/17/2017
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Montana Starr has a helpless Destiny Dreamz all strung up. Ready to be played with all day long. And take her time she does. She slowly teases Destiny to an erotic heat...

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Jet Set Jasmine Trains Loosey LuFeaturing: Jet Set Jasmine, Loosey Lu, Miss SusiAdded 02/10/2017
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Welcome to fitness guru's Jet Set Jasmine's boot camp class. Today's students are Loosey Lu and Miss Susi. Unfortunately for Loosey Lu she is in need of remedial training. Wasting little time, Jasmine pulls down Loosey's warm up suit and puts a fucking machine right on her wet, tight little cunt. After Loosey cums, she is now ready to continue her lessons.

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